Electronic Voice Phenomona (EVP)

After spending years not believing in the Paranormal, I had a series of events, that caused me to reconsider my previous stance. I decided to record overnight in various rooms in my house, just to see what I would get. What I got, completely changed how I see the world. As a disclaimer, I have tried to debunk each capture but I have no logical cause. As with anything when you experience it yourself, it is much more of an impact.

The following are various EVP's I captured in my house, over about a year's time. All EVP's were captured using a Sony ICD-M5515 or ICD-B300 IC Voice Recorders.

Each recording session is recorded to internal memory as in the B300 or a Sony Memory Stick in the latter. There is no possibility of recording over as a tape..


The following four clips are what I have yet to determine what exactly it is and what exactly is being said but it sounds like a language of some sort. They were recorded in my livng room. Out of over a dozen full night recordings, these only appeared on two seperate nights. The first night it started at about 5 mins into the recording and about 3 mins into the second night it was recorded.






I kind of had a dry streak for awhile so I decided to switch locations. I decided to try the garage. The neghborhood is really quiet and other then the occasional car, there are not alot of sounds. First night I heard alot of movements but nothing much.

At the end of the second night of recording which was about 5:50 am, the first clear voice was recorded. Now what's significant about this timing is several minutes later you hear all the kids loudly coming downstairs after waking up...


So after a few nights of nothing, I decide to try two recorders at the same place, the garage.  So I leave on recorder in the garage and I lock the door and go to put batteries in the other recorder.  About 5 mins later I come to the garage, unlock it, place the second recorder and relock the door. The 1st recording had me locking the garage door..silence...this recording, then me unlocking the garage door. So it seems to have been directed towards me. I have never really determined the first word said but afterwards is quite apparent to me.


The most compelling unexplainable one is as follows. After several nights of my wife was experiencing unexplained jerking in her legs while sleeping, I decided to record in our bathroom. The jerking was more like stepping on something sharp and jerking your leg back.

I started recording at about 11 pm, we went to bed. About 15 mins later, my wife started jerking her legs, I in a low tone, wake her up and tell her that she keeps moving her legs. She mumbles a few things and falls back asleep.

On the recording you can hear us talking but it is very muffled and low. Then there are two parts, the first to me sounds like a baby and says hi, then it is quiet and then you hear a voice....


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