15 NDES That Describe Life As a GAME

NOTE: All of these quotes are taken from NDEs at the NDERF.ORG web site.
In reality I do remember the feeling that life was sort of like a game, maybe even a game I had chosen a role to play in, and that I felt as if I had played it fairly and squarely and kindly. I felt very good about the life I'd seen, and very happy with it and with those I had played it with. -- Monty
I mentally 'turned' to look back at my life (like a life review) and had an overall arching sense of what my life had been like (like everything being shown simultaneously and an apprehension of it all in a kinesthetic sense), and then I began 'laughing' when I realized that "I" was not the personality of "Pam" anymore--in fact, I realized that the entirety of my life had just been a game, like Monopoly (guess I just passed Go and collected $200.00!!), and "Pam" was the equivalent of one of the game's playing pieces, like the shoe or the car! All the troubles and joys, the accomplishments and limitations that made up the story of my life were revealed to be mere dust--an illusion. I realized that in truth, the "I Am' was who I really was and ALWAYS had been and always would be. What exultant bliss! I realized that I had a choice to recognize and rest in this truth of who I really was and stay on the 'other side' or I could continue to re-enact the 'game' of being an imaginary personality. -- Pamela K
That everything is part of an essential game of life itself, and that to the degree that we live by true love--unconditional and universal--the closer we are to an understanding of what life truly is, which is true happiness and perfect wisdom.

***That everything is experience and that this life and the next are essentially the same because everything is god. Nothing is outside of god just as nothing is outside of life itself.

***Death is a metamorphosis of time. One more illusion from our mental concepts. Essentially, time does not exist, nor does space. They are illusions of our creative mind that plays a game of self-deception in the creation of events. -- Hafur

I wasn't floating or standing or lying I was just "there" surrounded by this light. At this time I had a overwhelming feeling of completion like I had accomplished some great feat or game. I was feeling/thinking "you did it. you won. you beat the game. -- Rusty S
I could see life as though it were a game I had been playing, and how all the moves were just parts of the game. -- Brian T
As my orientation went on, they explained how on that celestial side of the veil, anything we desire is instantaneously provided. We just need to feel the desire. However, within lies the reason for all the realms outside of heaven. Having everything we want all the time develops within us a desire for variety and change for a challenge. It would be like a game in which everyone was a winner. Soon, the game would become boring, and we would look for another, more challenging one... In human form, we are limited in with what we know and understand. It's only through this limited understanding that we can play the 'role' we chose to come here and play. After all, if we were aware of all our soul is aware of, this earth-game wouldn't work. For example how long would poker players enjoy the game of poker if they all knew what cards were going to be dealt to each player? We are only here to do three things. First, to remember who we are. Second, to enjoy ourselves. The third thing is to help others remember who they are. -- Duane S
like a game of chess -- Holland C
I thought this was a game show. Somehow, I knew that I had a hand in making this happen. - John Ma
Hell!!!! I thought god hated me or else it wouldn't have happened and the showing me my future was just part of some sick cruel game he was playing with me -- Lorraine I
When I was in the light, I was allowed to know and remember everything. When I returned to the body, I was like an actor or a baseball player. I was back in the game called Life on Earth and I had to play by the rules, which meant that I couldn't remember the answers to life's Big Questions. -- Donna G
It would take hours to explain it. But yes. We can think about it as being in some kind of "school or virtual game." There is order and chaos. One is impossible without the other. Everything is made up of the same thing. Neither space nor time exists. Nothingness does not exist. There is no beginning or end. Our "memory" is outside our physical body and is Universal. I also acquired certain abilities to help with healing, but I still don't know how they work. -- Julio M
It is my understanding that what transpired during my NDE is the “real” reality. Life as a human is more like a dream, role in a play, virtual reality game, character in a drama, etc. though these words fall far short of actual explanation. It is further my understanding that all Beings of Light who are serving as souls to human animals will have some or all of the same experiences I did when the human dies, depending upon the individual’s evolutionary level. -- Nanci D
That everything is part of an essential game of life itself, and that to the degree that we live by true love--unconditional and universal--the closer we are to an understanding of what life truly is, which is true happiness and perfect wisdom. -- Patricia D
I realized that the real goal of the mind created ‘life game’ in life, was to remove the veil of delusion and ignorance and reach the Ultimate Truth of one's reality in life itself. -- Mira S
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